6 Factors Behind Changes In A Woman’s Body After 40s!

You know you are in your 40s when your body not only feels different but it starts to look different as well. There are many factors that contribute in changing the way your body and overall health is. Let’s take a look at them…

1. Menopause

When women turn 40 they undergo the biological process of hormonal ‘shifts’. Menopause is one of these hormonal changes in which women’s’ periods tend to become irregular and eventually at a certain age after turning 40 they stop.

During menopausal changes, women experience mood swings, sleeplessness, hot flushes and many other physical changes. All these factors combine to make your overall body structure different.

2. Bone and Muscle Loss

The dropping of estrogen in women’s body also causes bone loss in which the bones start deteriorating. Diseases like osteoporosis are more common in women.

The amount of calcium in your bones tends to decline with age and for this health experts around the world recommend women to drink a greater amount of milk each day.

Additionally, women who have touched their 40s tend to face a reduction in their muscle tissues. According to a health expert the average amount of muscle loss in women in their 40s is half pounds each year.

3. Signs of Aging

Aging is accompanied with several visible signs in both men and women. These signs include the appearance of wrinkles, crow’s feet around the eye region and marks throughout the body.

Dry and loosened skin is also a sign of aging. Anti-aging creams come in handy here and they push back these aging signs to a few years.

Hair loss is another visible sign of aging. Turning of hair into grey color is quite observable when women reach their 40s.

4. Weight gain

Due to a reduction in muscle tissue our metabolism decreases as we are unable to perform vigorous exercises and workout as we do in our young age.

This slower metabolism leads to an increase in weight of women who are in their 40s. You must have seen women with more belly fat which is usually due to this weight gain.

5. Sagging of Breasts

Breasts are made up of fatty acids that are connected with ligaments known as Cooper’s ligaments. With age, these ligaments become less flexible and tight which ultimately causes your breasts to sag.

This sagging also leads to breast cancer and other breast related issues. If you have reached your 40s then we suggest you to visit your doctor regularly in case you feel any difference in your breasts like a lump etc…

6. Balance issues

At 40, both men and women experience balancing issues. These issues surface due to changes in sensory organs and loss of muscles strength. In order to maintain your balance, do regular balance exercises under the supervision of a fitness expert.

Remember that when you reach your 40s you are more prone to certain health issues. For that you should take extra care of your health, by maintaining a healthy diet and a vigorous exercise routine.