5 Energy Supplements For Women Over 40: Stay Well!

If you are a woman hitting forty or already on the other side, you will definitely have felt some fatigue and lethargy. In addition to that, this is the time when menopause makes your entire body go haywire: irregular moods, slow metabolism and also flagging libido. The result is that menopause brings with it depression which is further worsened by all the other symptoms. But here are some energy supplements for women over 40 that can ‘hold your hand’ through the phase and help you to recover.

Photo Credit: lynn.gardner via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: lynn.gardner via Compfight cc

#1: Ribose

Ribose is a supplement that hasn’t really been given too much attention yet, and yet it is very important and useful. With repeated consumption, in 3 weeks it can improve energy levels by 60% and then sustain that with regular use.

In a study it was also found that those who took rRibose also slept more restfully and had more mental clarity. They also reported feeling less chronic pain.

#2: Calcium

As you know calcium helps to strengthen bones, together with Vitamin D. And both need to be had in conjunction to work. The real energy boosting component is the Vitamin D3 here – but you’ll need the Calcium with it.

#3: Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 has amazing health benefits for the body, particularly for women in their 40s and later. In particular, Vitamin D deficiency is usually linked with depression and the lethargy and fatigue related with the condition. Include Vitamin D3 supplements to ward off depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder, (SAD) as well as to decrease chronic pain.

Check out why else Vitamin D and Calcium are so important at this age.

#4: Folate

You often hear that pregnant women are prescribed Folate supplements. And that is to prevent birth defects in the fetus. But at this stage in life, folate is essential for your own health. Folate, or Folic acid, is actually a B group vitamin. And it helps to fight depression and mood swings in older women.

In fact, women who are expecting children at this age should be particularly careful about their Folate intake since it is obviously so invaluable for both baby and mother. And if you are trying to get pregnant – it might help too.

Folate is also seen to reduce brain degeneration linked to conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia – obviously useful as you age.

#5: Probiotics

Finally, we come to probiotics. There is never really any particular age when probiotics start to become important – they are at all levels. But for women over 40, these can have particularly useful benefits. Infections in the human body – whether you are aware of them or not – can lead to a host of other problems, one of them being lethargy and loss of energy. But probiotics work intrinsically to fight infections in your body and to keep you healthy – metabolism and all. So probiotics are indeed energy supplements as well – and you should continue to take them.

Aging need not be a deterrent in your life. So what if you have hit 40 – your social life, your professional life and everything else you want to do should continue just as it always had. As for the lagging metabolism and diminishing energy levels, these energy supplements for women over 40 should take care of that for you!