Pura D’or Hair Conditioner

Pura D’OR Deep Moisturizing Premium Organic Argan Oil And Aloe Vera Conditioner Gold Label


This deep ultra moisturizing Hair Conditioner is made up of a powerful blend of Apple Extract, Hydrogenated Olive Oil, Argan Oil, Pumpkin Seed Extract and other clinically proven Natural Ingredients. And has a 100% Natural Preservative and is A great Hair Therapy.

How Does It Work?

Aloe Vera- Natures own Healer.

The Aloe Vera based formula provides intense moisture and nourishes your hair making it look healthier, shinier and stronger. It also contains antioxidants and vitamins that detangles hair and helps control the dreaded frizz.

No Harsh Chemicals

No SLS (sulphates)

No Parabens:



Manufactured in the USA

Can be used on coloured treated hair and is gentle enough for daily use.

Can be used on all hair types.

Hair Therapy for:

Frizzy Hair,
Tangled Hair,
Damaged and chemically treated hair,
Thinning Hair and Scalp Flaking.

How to Use:

After shampooing (for maximum effect the Manufacturer recommends Pura D’or Anti Hair loss shampoo)

1…Massage Conditioner into hair and scalp

2…Leave in for 2 -3 minutes to penetrate and deeply moisturize your hair.

3…Rinse thoroughly with cold water if possible to seal in the moisture.