Herbs For Menopause: 2 Supplements To Beat Menopause!

Menopause is a time of great change in a woman’s body. And these changes aren’t limited to the physiological. Just as the female hormones dwindle, they also present a host of other changes in the body. And most of these are highly unpleasant ones. It is no surprise then that most women have very bad experiences associated with menopause. But gone are the days when you would have to suffer in silence like your mother or grandmother! Instead, you can resort to the safest and simplest solution of them all – Herbs for menopause supplement! This is a one-of-a-kind, completely herbal formulation that can take care of all those difficult symptoms of menopause. And that is not all – we also have another supplement for you here:

Now before you can check out each supplement in detail, let’s just take a look at what is meant by the horrible symptoms of menopause – which these supplements can tackle. Here’s a list of the major ones:

  • Hot flashes
  • Unnecessary and unexplained weight gain
  • Insomnia
  • Irregular periods
  • Irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Low libido

Besides these, there may be other individual menopause related problems that women face, for instance mood swings – and these supplements can help with all of that. So, let’s take a look at them individually now:

#1: Herbal Equilibrium – Natural Menopause Relief Supplement for Hormonal Imbalance and Hot Flashes

Be it in perimenopause or menopause, the sudden ebbing of the essential hormones that you have been used to for your entire adult life are suddenly dwindling. Naturally, your body goes into a withdrawal of sorts – and that is exactly where these natural supplement tablets come in!

They are made from a mix of 7 different natural plant ingredients. The resultant tablets provide you with natural and side effect free relief from all those terrible symptoms – all the ones that we have listed earlier. While the dosage will differ from woman to woman and is best determined by a doctor, the standard dose is 2 tablets a day. And going by that estimate, this one bottle, costing less than $40 will last you the whole month! And considering the relief it can bring you, that is indeed a small price to pay!

Now, let’s take a look at exactly what these tablets do – from the point of view of reviewers who bought and tried these tablets themselves:

  • This one isn’t a synthetic hormone replacement system. Rather the natural ingredients slowly boost your body’s natural hormone production, and regulate it, while your body comes to terms with the diminishing amounts of the female hormones.
  • While most products do not work the same way and all the time, these tablets, as reviewers were happy to point out, worked about 80% of the time! That is a great average, and one that can definitely be worked with.
  • The other good thing is that while the recommended dosage is 2 pills a day – for women in perimenopause, 1 works just fine. Maybe later you may need to up the dosage, but for the initial stages, just one does the trick.

And most importantly, many women testified to exactly how much these helped to curb the menopausal symptoms.

Surely, that is good reason to go for these. And you cannot forget that unlike synthetic medication and synthesized supplements, these are 100% natural and completely rely on your body’s natural mechanism for hormone production. So if indeed, herbal equilibrium does cut it for you – then here’s where to find it…

Herbal Equilibrium – Natural Menopause Relief Supplement for Hormonal Imbalance and Hot Flashes

After featuring that first one – a more popular one, albeit – you must be wondering why there is this second supplement in this list. Well, that is because when picking products a lot of attention gets paid to the customer reviews, particularly on the online megastore, Amazon’s portal. And a look through the reviews and ratings there will show you that this second one has actually received an even better rating than the herbal equilibrium supplement! So do check it out…

#2: Pure Essence Labs Transitions Herbs for Menopause Nutritional Supplement

Firstly, what must be mentioned is that this supplement is much less expensive, and therefore better value for money. Here you get 120 tablets for less than $35… and that is less than half the price of the herbal equilibrium tablets.

In addition to these being less expensive, they are also the better seller on Amazon, with bottles flying off the shelves at alarming speed. And finally, these have received an overwhelming number of 5 star reviews. And it must be added that all these reviews and high ratings come from verified purchasers who actually bought the product, tried it, got the desired results – and then left their reviews. You can be pretty sure that quite a few of them even ordered the same product again later!

Now to take a look at what all these reviewers had to say in their overwhelming response on Amazon:

  • Women actually attested to these capsules taking care of their hot flashes and insomnia.
  • In fact these were used by a breast cancer survivor who couldn’t go for hormone therapy. Not only was she very satisfied with the results, she was also happy about the no side-effects part!
  • These pills work wonders in correcting your mood as well – one thing that not all menopausal supplements are able to address adequately.
  • The shipping is also very good, as is the customer service. And this is something attested by a customer who’d been ordering and using these pills for several years already!

And that is not all – again there is a lot of information to be had from the reviews – do check them out to be absolutely sure before you order. And once you have made up your mind, go for the best deal, right here on Amazon!

Pure Essence Labs Transitions Herbs for Menopause Nutritional Supplement

And with that you have seen both supplements that have fared well on Amazon. Now, whether you choose the Herbal Equilibrium menopause supplement, or the one from Pure Essence Labs is up to you – what is guaranteed is that both are known to work – and both are 100% natural. So… which one will you choose?