2 Different Bladder Support Supplement Types: Stay Healthy!

When you reach middle age, there are two concerns about the bladder that seem to start cropping up. One problem is bladder health. This is the time when urinary tract infections are on the rise. And you need to take a supplement to maintain bladder health. The second is incontinence. Particularly for women, who have gone through pregnancy with or without vaginal births, incontinence is a common problem they start to face in middle age.  

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And today we have brought you two supplements, one for each condition… Here’s starting with the healthy bladder supplement.

#1: Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit 4200mg/ Plus Vitamin C

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 It is common knowledge that cranberries are very good for bladder health. They prevent the formation of kidney stones, keep your urinary system healthy and also keep urinary tract infections at bay. As you know, UTIs are very bad and once you catch one, recurrence is a very real risk. So for that reason, maintaining bladder health is important. And when it comes to bladder support, nothing works quite as well as pure cranberry extract. In fact, even your store bought cranberry juice doesn’t work quite as well.

And speaking of pure extracts, this one is the best there is on Amazon. It contains 4200 mg of fruit extract and additional high-potency Vitamin C as well. The vitamin C boosts the immune system, making it easier for the body to fight infections.

Now you must be thinking, what is the guarantee that this is indeed the best? Well, there are many other products on Amazon, but this one is the current bestseller!

With about 240 people leaving 5-star reviews and the product flying off the shelves, this is bound to work as advertised. To check out why in a nutshell, here are some snippets from the reviews:

  • As one person wrote, he had been suffering from persistent UTIs. But once he started taking these, the infections cleared up really well!
  • Also, unlike most other capsules and tablets in this category, this one is actually easier to swallow and also quite cost effective.
  • Some women wrote that they were wary of getting intimate with their partners, as that was usually followed by a UTI. But with the use of these, the problem stopped happening!

There is more information that you can find in the reviews – do check them out before you make a choice. And once you do – here’s where to order it from.

Nature’s Bounty Cranberry Fruit 4200mg/ Plus Vitamin C

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And now we take a look at the incontinence support supplement:

#2: AZO Bladder Control Supplement, 72 Count

Buy now from amazon  If you are finding that sneezing or laughing is causing inadvertent urine leakage, then what you are suffering from is incontinence. This is a highly limiting and embarrassing condition, and one that needs to be looked into first.

And in addition to using bladder training exercises, you should also consider supplements. These supplements usually have some diuretic in them. This helps you to void your bladder quick – so that there is no residual urine that can leak out when you least expect it. In addition to that, the ingredients contained in these supplements also help to tone the bladder muscles. This somewhat improves bladder control and prevents accidents. 

And as for the popularity of the product – the reviews on Amazon will point you in the right direction about this completely natural and effective solution:

  • For some people with overactive bladder syndrome, this gave consistent improvement where none of the other supplements or even a distention procedure worked!
  • These being completely homeopathic and natural, there are no unwanted side effects.
  • It works better than usual medication also!
  • And most importantly, it is easy on the pocket – something you absolutely need when you are looking at a regular medicine.

Again, you can check out the actual reviews to see how this one fared overall. And after that – here’s where to order it from.

AZO Bladder Control Supplement, 72 Count

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And now with the help of these bladder support supplements, so what if you have reached middle age… you will be able to keep most bladder related problems at bay! And remember, these are 100% natural and homeopathic… so no side effects! However, do consult a naturopath or doctor before starting – and you should be fine…