6 Tips For Women Getting Pregnant After 40

Women getting pregnant after 40 are not the norm.

A woman is usually at her most fertile between the ages of 18 and 28 but with the pressures of education, getting a job and establishing a career, most women have missed that train!

Does that mean you cannot have kids anymore? Not at all… In fact, women in their early to mid 30s can also conceive and carry a baby to term fairly easily.

For those women who have waited till their 40s (either out of choice or due to circumstances) – the problems start to compound, but we have brought you a handful of tips for getting pregnant after 40.

#1: Beat stress

Photo Credit: IchZeit via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: IchZeit via Compfight cc

As you approach the dreaded 40s, you think that your biological clock has probably ticked for too long, and your chances of conceiving a healthy baby are slim.

To add to that, the age factor means that conception usually takes a fair bit of time, as opposed to the usual ‘fertile 20s’. Both factors put together, most women are stressed out over conceiving.

Stress is actually what is making things worse for you! Anxiety and stress have been known to delay conception, and decrease the chances.

So work on de-stressing with the help of meditation, massages, acupuncture or other means. Also, do not make conceiving seem like a chore.

Instead discuss with your partner and make it fun – without putting the pressure of conception on the both of you.

Just do your thing, enjoy each other and the baby will come naturally!

#2: Follow a proper healthy diet

What you eat has a direct effect on how healthy you are. And the healthier you are the more your chances of conceiving. Ensure that your hormones are balanced – with proper food as well as with the help of supplements, if need be. Include the following in your diet:

  • Fish oils
  • Vitamin D
  • Folic acid
  • Probiotics

All these are important in preparing your body for conception – and they also support your body through the pregnancy – so do not discontinue once you do conceive.

#3: Start a detox diet

Photo Credit: libraryman via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: libraryman via Compfight cc

A detox diet helps to eliminate the toxins from your body improving your body’s immunity system as well as boosting your health this helps with conception.

About 3 months prior to when you try to conceive, start a detox diet. Eliminate all processed and junk foods from your diet.

Load up on organic vegetables and fruits that are rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. Also have an adequate amount of water.

#4: Eliminate food allergies

Women who have food sensitivities and allergies should check for these. Food allergies and sensitivities, left unheeded can actually impede conception.

Ensure you track all reactions and uneasy feelings to detect if you have any food allergies or sensitivities and eliminate the culprit foods for sure.

#5: Go for outdoor walks and runs

Photo Credit: davebloggs007 via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: davebloggs007 via Compfight cc

Outdoor walks or runs (depending on your level of fitness) are very important for a number of reasons. Firstly, the exercise keeps your body healthy and supports your immune system as well as hormonal balance.

Secondly, the sun exposure is very good for you – as the Vitamin D is important for your body at this stage.

Finally, the exposure to clean air outdoors helps your body to ‘oxygenate’ which has been seen to improve the chances of a late conception.

#6: Believe that it will happen

Keep the faith. The fact is that your mind greatly controls the state of your body. Manifestation really works. Believe that it will happen, and your body is going to try its best to make it happen.

When your body is working hard, it is actually regulating everything and preparing itself for conception – which can be really beneficial! So do try this – eliminate doubt, have fun and believe.

You may be thinking that these are generalized points – but these are actual tips for getting pregnant after 40 from women who have actually gotten pregnant and given birth to healthy babies at 40 and beyond.

There must be some truth in them, and you should definitely try these out before you look for means of assisted conception.