5 Herbal Solutions For Menopause You Should To Try!

You might already know that there are a number of herbs that can ease the symptoms of menopause. In fact, some of these herbal solutions for menopause are very effective.

This is why some women have depended on them, and now it’s your turn to give them a try…

Let’s look at the herbs that help:

#1 Black Cohosh

If you don’t want to turn to hormone replacement therapies, which could entail a bit of risk, you can always use Black Cohosh.

Studies and experiments show that this herb is exceptionally good for tackling nightly sweats as well as hot flashes. Those suffering from mood swings also benefit from this herb.

Black Cohosh is derived from a plant belonging to the buttercup family – and women have used it for centuries. It can be taken as capsules, powder form and even as tablets.

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As to why it is so healthy – it does not have any estrogen like effects, so it’s nothing like you would experience as the result of hormone replacement therapy.

In HRT, you actually introduce foreign hormones in the body, effectively throwing off the normal ‘rhythm’ in the body, however with Black cohosh, nothing like this occurs; your body’s natural ‘rhythm’ is in no way affected.

#2 Agnus Castus

This herb is basically an adaptogen – meaning that it has a balancing effect on your home levels. Agnus Cactus can actually increase the secretion of the hormones that are in low level in the body.

Conversely, if any hormone increases in the body, this herb can decrease the amount of that as well.

This herb is especially helpful during the perimenopause phases, when your hormone levels fluctuate the most. These fluctuations actually affect your mood and you keep having mood swings.

So whenever you suffer from mood swings and anxiety due to menopause, it’s best to turn to this herb.

#3 Dong quai

This is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and is known to tackle hot flashes. It also helps with fatigue as well as disturbed sleep. So if these are the main symptoms of menopause for you, then you can try this herb.

#4 Sage

You can have this herb in the form of tea that will help to control both hot flashes as well as nightly sweating.

#5 Milk Thistle

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Your liver is tasked with detoxifying your hormones. So it’s imperative to boost your liver. And Milk thistle helps with that.

Non-Herbal help

Other than this, yoga and meditation can also help in easing the symptoms of menopause.

Now, this was just a basic idea of all the herbs and other methods that can help with menopause.

For any additional help, as well as for instructions on how to take them, you can try consulting an expert in alternative medicine and herbs.

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These herbal solutions for menopause and its symptoms are a great way to tackle menopause without falling back on artificial remedies like HRT.

So you should definitely consider them, and before you go ahead, get the green signal from a professional. Good luck!