Gynecological Health Tips For Women 30 Plus

There comes a stage in life when you experience a number of gynecological health issues.

Now most of these are not illnesses, they are merely an effect of the changes your body is undergoing. Naturally, these changes affect different women differently.

 Some sail through these changes without even noticing them, and some are plagued by a number of problems.

This page on gynecology health tips is aimed at helping you to sail through these changes in your body. The goal is for you to live a healthy life at every stage.

You’ll find the different gynecological health issues that middle-aged women face on this page. Also, you will get the solutions to these issues so that you can figure out how to overcome each of these.

Let’s start with the major problem area for most women in their 40s…

Menopause related problems:

During menopause, the female body simply runs out of eggs. As you might already know, each woman is born with a certain amount of eggs – about 2 million in fact.

And over the years, your body uses up these eggs till the supply runs out altogether. As a result, the function of the ovaries ceases and you stop menstruating altogether.

This is accompanied by hormonal changes in the body. And due to these changes you might suffer symptoms like:

  • Hot flashes
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Extreme mood swings

You can also suffer from certain major issues like heart problems, osteoporosis etc. But the good thing is that menopause does not happen overnight, it is a gradual process.

And if you can get to the doctor while you are still experiencing perimenopause, the period when menopause starts setting in, you can tackle these issues better.

Also, once menopause sets in and you start suffering adverse effects, you can turn to different solutions including lifestyle and diet changes. You can look up these solutions as well.

Photo Credit: herr twiggs via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: herr twiggs via Compfight cc

Bad PMS:

Premenstrual symptoms are ones that occur after ovulation disappears with the menstrual cycle.

Such symptoms vary from person to person, but the general symptoms include mood swings, weight gain, depression, acne, swelling of the breasts and tenderness, headaches, dizziness etc.

Some women also experience irrational outbursts!

And as such PMS is classified into a number of types and categories, and in order to find the solution to each, you will first have to identify which type you are suffering from.

Vaginal Infections:

Vaginal infections not only occur due to thrush and urinary tract infections. These infections can be caused due to bacteria and also due to a tiny parasite called trichomonas.

In fact, bacterial infection is one of the major causes for vaginal infection in women.

Some of the symptoms of such infections include:

  • Itching, soreness around the vulva
  • Grayish or yellow smelly discharge after having sex
  • Pain experienced during intercourse

If you do not take care of such infections, they could lead to health complications. So it’s best you look up the solutions for such infections the moment you suspect that you are suffering from something like this.

Photo Credit: mealmakeovermoms via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: mealmakeovermoms via Compfight cc

Ovarian cysts:

Many women suffer from cysts in the ovaries, and not just after reaching a particular age.

In fact, many overweight women suffer from such cysts in their 20s and 30s. These cysts are basically water /pus filled sacks in the ovaries.

They might be harmless, appearing and disappearing naturally. But some cysts can become cancerous and therefore are harmful.

You will be able to identify the type of ovarian cyst only with the help of medical tests and a doctor.

Also, these cysts are difficult to diagnose because they don’t always have specific symptoms to identify them by. But once you are able to identify the type of cyst, there are several solutions that you can try out.

These were the main gynecological problems that most women face, and through these gynecology health tips we hope to give you comprehensive info on all of them.

Once you go through the inner pages on each, not only will you find more information that will help you understand the problem, you will also find a number of helpful solutions to each.

Some of these you can try at home, some of them will require a doctor’s supervision. But once you go through them all, you should be able to overcome most of these health issues, and be able to approach them better.

To good health!