How To Lose Weight During Menopause

Dealing with loosing weight AND going through the menopause can be extremely difficult and stressful for most women. It can seem like a loosing battle, no matter what you try to do the pounds seem to roll on; especially around the belly. Don’t worry here at Women’s Health After 40, we are dedicated to helping you with our wide range of tips on how to lose weight during the menopause.

Around 90% of women that go through the menopause will put on weight, even though they are doing all the right things. Our website is packed full of useful information and ideas to keep the weight off as well as keep you healthy.

From herbal supplements and dietary hints, you can be sure of having a better understanding of what it takes to keep the weight at bay. We can give you the vital hints to help you.

While there are many health problems associated with the menopause learning what to eat and knowing when to eat it is vitally important to your feel-good factor.

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