Help With Losing Weight After 40

Your weight troubles may seem impossible to control when you enter your 40s but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Your task is to support your own metabolism and balance the intake and outtake of calories. At Women’s Health After 40, we can help you with losing weight after the age of 40.

Whether you’ve noticed that pulling on your jeans is becoming increasingly difficult or you’re left feeling bloated after each meal, it’s important that you understand where the weight gain is coming from.

It could be a change in diet, an increase in the number of snacks you’re eating or a lack of exercise, it’s important to understand how this affects your weight. The number of calories you take into your body and how much you burn is reflective to the weight that you gain, or lose.

Our team at Women’s Health After 40 can help you lose your excess weight and help you think more carefully about your diet choices when you’re preparing a meal. While psychological disorders can play a part in your weight gain, and especially the effects of the menopause, we can help you think logically about any problem.

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